Archive | July 2012

Template Dialog UI – Searching

This week finally i merged my branch to master, so anyone feeling to trying it out, just checkout lastest master and compile it and give me a message on what they think about it.  Besides that, this past weeks, i worked mainly on two features, first one is searching for templates in your folders and the other one is moving templates around from one folder to another  or into a new one, the rest has been fixing bugs and improving the layout of the dialog.


To search for templates is pretty straightfoward, we type the name of the template or some of the letters or words in the edit box that we are interested in and a list of templates that fit, will get displayed on screen, that later we can browse and manipulate, in the future other fields will be searchable too, like author name, keywords, etc.

Now that we got a basic structure in place, we can start working with the CMIS API to display and fetch templates from an online repository.