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  1. Manas says :

    Dear Rafael,

    Great work! I follow Document Foundation Blog and saw your post there.

    Here are my personal observations/suggestions for improving the UI:
    1. If buttons at the top (All, Documents, Presentations etc.) are converted to check-boxes, it would be more intuitive to the end-user.

    2. The last button (with the green tick mark) is not intuitive. Does it show the user’s favorite templates? Does it show a list of templates selected earlier?

    3. The icon for “Create a template” is the normal Writer icon. A different icon for a template would be more appropriate e.g. a glass theme icon.

    4. Search icon is bigger than other icons in the row. It should be the same size.

    5. Search icon looks out of place. Generally this icon is placed after the search box. (If the results are updated automatically after each keypress, we can remove the search icon/button altogether)

    6. The settings icon is smaller that the other icons and does not accompany any text (unlike the first two in the row). Can we rename the text to “Create”, “Import” and “Settings”? Since we are already in the Template manager dialog box, “Create” will only mean “Create Template”.

    7. Search box is very big and takes a complete row, can we place it to the left of the “Settings” icon?

    8. If we put a border around each template thumbnail, it would look more pleasing. Rounded corners would be a bonus 🙂

    9. Close button at the bottom of the page is redundant as we have a cross at the top.

    If you wish, I can create a mock-up image and mail it to you. Please let me know.


    • npcdoom says :

      Hey thanks for your reply!!!

      – About the icons they are not the real final icons, its some icons i got from the current theme to make it more visible,
      they are still in the process of being created by the design team.

      – The last button is a button to enable selecting thumbnails easier by just clicking on them.

      – For the thumbnails i plan to add a border and if its possible rounded corners too.

      – About the other points ill bring it up to the UX team for discussion, and a mockup would be nice too.

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